The origin of Gojinjyo Taiko dates back to 1576,when it is reputed to have saved the villege of Nafune on the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture from an offencive launched by the well-known war lord,Kenshin Uesugi, to invade the interior region of Noto. In courageous attempt to defend their native land,the villagers penetrated the Uesugi ranks under cover of darkness,wearing masks of bark and with seaweed on their heads to give the appearance of tangled long hair.

The Uesugi camp was thrown into confusion at the unexpected sound of their Jintaiko,or battle drums.and the unearthly appearance.They fled from the region in due haste.
It is said that the tremendous noises heard that night were the sounds of Gojinjo Taiko.
Gojinjo Taiko was designated as Intangible Cultural Asset by Wajima City in 1961 , and by Ishikawa Prefecture in 1963.